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Harp Lessons - Frequently asked questions

Is the harp hard to learn?

Learning the harp is probably much easier than you think and a brilliant instrument on which to learn music (no need to have played piano beforehand). The harp makes a beautiful sound from day one making the easiest of tunes sound lovely and most importantly it’s fun! Once you have learnt your hand position in the first lesson all the notes are there under your fingers so it is very easy to pick out any tune you like.

Do I need to be able to read music?

It helps but it is not necessary at the beginning as I will teach the first lesson by ear. (Music will be given at the end of the lesson to take home). After that note reading and theory will be taught as part of the lessons. Harp music looks very similar to piano music using both the treble and bass clef. 

Am I too old to learn to play the harp? 

No one is too old to learn! Half of my students are adults and many have never learnt an instrument before. Everyone will come away from the first lesson being able to play some beautiful tunes on the harp. 

What age can children start learning the harp? 

This depends on the individual child, normally I teach students from 7+

Do I need to buy a harp before having lessons?

I recommend coming for a first lesson before purchasing an instrument as I will give you information on the type of harp you will need. Initially you can hire a harp from Pilgrim Harps based in Surrey and they will allow up to 3 months hire cost off one of their new instruments. When purchasing pre-owned harps I like to try them out before my students purchase to check the condition etc.

What type of music can I play on the harp?

The harp is very versatile enabling you to play classical, folk, pop and jazz. I teach a range of styles during the lessons. You can see the broad range of my repertoire here. 

Lever or Pedal Harp?

The harp you choose depends on the type of music you would like to play and budget. If you would like to play Classical or Jazz music you will eventually need a pedal harp but if you prefer folk/traditional music then the lever/Celtic harp is for you. If you are undecided I recommend starting on a lever harp as the music is very similar until around grade 4 level which is then a good time to transfer to the pedal harp if you wish to do so. 

Do I need to bring my harp to lessons?

I have lever and pedal harps that students play on for the lessons.  

How long are the lessons?

I recommend 30 minutes weekly or 1 hour fortnightly.

How much do lessons cost?

30 minutes - £22.50

45 minutes - £33.75

1 hour - £45.00

Which days do you teach?

I currently teach on weekdays . When enquiring about lessons please let me know which days and times you are able to do. 

Do you teach lessons online?

Yes, I can provide lessons via Skype and  Zoom.

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